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FUSIC Lung and Abdominal Ultrasound Course
26th May 2022

An introduction to Critical Care Point of Care Ultrasound of the Lungs and Abdomen

This one day FUSIC Lung and FUSIC Abdomen accredited course is aimed at clinicians who are beginners in ultrasound. It is ideal for those studying for FUSIC accreditations or those practising in Critical Care, Anaesthesia or Emergency Medicine. As we all our courses we aim to provide plenty of practical experience using simulators and real case examples in small groups with a high faculty to student ratio.

echo pic 3.jpeg

The Critical Care TOE Course includes

- Live scanning practice

- Simulator scanning

- Lots of hands on scanning in small groups

- Physics of ultrasound

- How to perform a point of care lung ultrasound examination

- How to recognise pulmonary pathology with lung ultrasound

- How to perform basic critical care abdominal ultrasound

- Identification of abdominal organs, identification of free fluid, recognition of hydronephrosis


- Lunch and refreshments provided

Upcoming Events

  • Advanced Critical Care Echo Course
    Mon, 24 Apr
    St George's Hospital
    Two day FUSIC HD and EDEC accredited course for those who have attended a FUSIC course and wish to learn more about haemodynamic assessment of the critically ill with echo. £600 for the TTE course (2 days) £550 if attending the TOE course as well
  • Critical Care TOE Course
    Wed, 26 Apr
    St George's Hospital
    This EDEC and Focused TOE (fTOE) accredited course aims to teach TOE novices the basics of critical care TOE. No previous experience is required. Ideal for those with an interest in critical care echo or cardiac anaesthesia. £300 for one day TOE course £250 if attending with the Advanced TTE Course
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