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Terms and Conditions 


1. I agree to pay the required fee for the course prior to attending and am aware that my place is not confirmed until full payment is made.

2. Food will be provided by the course for lunch and breaks. I agree to inform course organisers of any dietary requirements which will be taken into account when ordering food. Food is prepared by a third party and I am aware that some food may contain allergens and will eat any such food at my own risk. 

3. I understand this is an introductory echo course and does not make me an expert. The course cannot be held responsible for any clinical decisions made based on the course teaching alone. 

4. If I can no longer attend the course and have paid my fees I am aware that I will lose these fees unless the course oragnisers or I can find someone else to take my place.

5. I agree to respect the volunteers attending and to treat them with the same respect and requirements that I would normally give my patients. 

6. I will take care with any equipment used and am aware that I may be held liable for any deliberate damage caused.

7. I am aware that I attend the course at my own risk and cannot hold the course responsible for any accidents/injuries that may occur as a result of my attendance.

8. I am aware that this course entitles me to CPD points from the Royal College of Anaesthetists (amount to be confirmed). 

9. I am aware that I should complete any pre-course learning prior to my attendance to ensure I gain the most from the teaching day.

10. Should the course need to be cancelled due to exceptional circumstances (including global pandemics) I understand that my course fees will be reimbursed, or if both parties agree another course date booked, however the course organisers cannot be held responsible for travel and accommodation costs as we are a small not for profit organisation. Travel insurance is therefore recommended. 


By signing up for and sending payment for the course I agree to the terms and conditions above.

Updated 11.07.2020

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